• OLE FOGH KIRKEBY / About Mille Kalsmose

    By Professor, Dr. Phil., Director of Center of Art & Leadership, Copenhagen Business School

    The artist Mille Kalsmose is making art on the borders between the traditional genres and traditional concept of art on the one side, and art as a genuine part of our lived lives, on the other.
    It is possible to understand art as a form of practise and knowledge which in its own important way contributes to the reinforcement of our social and historical consciousness, and hence to the creation of new outlets to conceptions of the self and the other person which are urgent at all levels of our reality, not at least what concerns working life.
    Now, more than ever, man is an enigma to himself. Our capacities to create, shape, construct, and design, increases day by day. But the more we try to find ourselves in this growing realm of possibilities, in this vortex of viruality, the more we seem to loose ourselves. Caught in this tension the old values and the great narratives are not sufficient.
    Science, technology, nor entrepreneurship, are not able to yield a basic guidance here. Only beauty does. Beauty unites all the contradictions in that which we fear at most, the indefinable. That is why art is of such crucial importance to us now. It is the only practise which is able to cope with the indefinable.

    This is exactly what Mille Kalsmose does through her art: She creates new connections between the individual world of experience, and the social reality permanently changing.
    Here we exist in a constant tension between loosing our identity through the innumerable social relations and networks in which we are constantly being absorbed, and the need to confront this process of demolition through the permanent reshaping of our own identity.

    It is crucial that this reshaping must not be an excluding process negatively directed towards the other person, but in stead must be able to receive him in his unique existence.

    Thus new concepts of individual identity must be developed leading to binding social relations, and this is the task which Mille Kalsmose undertakes through her art.